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The Lord of Luserna (Witnesses of the Light - Book 2)

The Lord of Luserna (Witnesses of the Light - Book 2)

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A Novel written by D.J. Speckhals

One book could change the world—or cost them everything.

It’s 1459, and former monk Andreas de Bonomo has found his place among the Vallense Christians of the Angrogna Valley. He’s preparing for life as a preacher—and life with Constanza Pavarin.

But when he learns of an ancient New Testament manuscript rescued from Constantinople, he can’t ignore the opportunity to make God’s Word available to all.

Now Andreas faces an unknown enemy who wants the Vallenses and their Bible crushed forever. How far will Andreas and Constanza go to protect the Word of God? And how far will the mysterious Lord of Luserna go to stop them?

Embark on a thrilling journey from the wild beauty of the Alps to the bustling streets of Florence at the dawn of the Renaissance, as scholars rediscover ancient works and new ideas thrive . . . and one long-forgotten book can change the fate of the world.


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