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Conquering Your Anger

Conquering Your Anger

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By Pastor Rick Carter

Are you frequently angry or do you know someone who is?  Chances are you said yes to one of those two possibilities.  Anger is a destructive force in the life of many people.  In this book, Dr. Carter takes a look at the source of anger and how to deal with it in a Biblical manner.  Too often anger is justified and excused instead of dealt with properly. You don’t need to manage your anger, you need to allow the Word of God to direct you in how to conquer it. Anger doesn’t have to dominate your life; your home can be free from its devastation and you can be free from its consequences if you will learn the truths found in this book and follow them. How can you be sure that it will work? Dr. Carter’s own experience of overcoming the grip of anger is testimony to the power of God’s Word when applied.


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