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Four Front Doors to New Testament Churches

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By S.E. Anderson

In dealing with the four gospels, repetitions are to be expected. For most readers they will be helpful. The Holy Spirit repeats important facts often. This book supplements our other books on church truths.

1. Matthew's Majestic Front Door
2. Did Christ Offer An Earthly Kingdom to Israel?
3. Mark's Quick Entrance
4. Luke's Conspicuous Colonnade
5. The Fourth Gospel Portal
6. The Four Gospel Supersede the Old Testament
7. Why Detour Four Divine Church Doors?
8. Don't Cheat Christ with a Counterfeit Church
9. Is Dispensationalism a Kind of Liberalism?
10. Damages Done to Real Churches by "Universalism"
11. Verses Damaged by the Universal Church Idea
12. Jesus Loves His Real Churches
13. What Is "The Body of Christ?"
14. Rebuttal of Anderson by Forbes: Universalism Defended
15. Summary and Conclusion

Paperback; 107 pages


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