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Keeping the Kids In the Social Media Age

Keeping the Kids In the Social Media Age

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By David Cloud
The November 2023 edition of Keeping the Kids is enlarged and updated for the smartphone/social media age. It is packed with practical material on protecting adults, youth, and children from these dangers. Keeping the Kids aims to help parents and churches raise children to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to avoid the pitfalls of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The book is a collaborative effort. It contains testimonies culled from hundreds of individuals who provided feedback to our questionnaires on this subject, as well as powerful ideas gleaned from interviews with pastors, missionaries, and church people who have raised godly children.

The book is filled with
 practical suggestions and deals with many issues:
  • Conversion
  • The husband-wife relationship
  • Mothers as keepers at home
  • The father’s role as the spiritual head of the home, and
  • Child discipline
The book also deals with the kind of churches necessary for keeping the kids, separation from the pop culture, youth discipleship, the grandparents’ role, effectual prayer and fasting.

One pastor wrote, 
“I have purchased extra copies of Keeping the Kids and distributed them to young parents. I find the information to be the most complete, Biblically sound information available and probably the best ever available.”

The 2023 edition can be used as a book for reading or as a Bible course with the textbook, 32 video classes, review questions, tests, and test scores. 
A husband and wife can read this book together with great profit.


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