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Religion in Lee's Army

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Three chapters taken from J. William Jones' book Christ in the Camp


I am pleased to be able to recommend the reprint of these classic chapters from the book, Christ in the Camp. I think it is only by studying Christian behavior and attitudes of past years that we can really see how far Christendom has slipped in some ways. It is interesting to read of men like Bradford of Plymouth, or Lee and Jackson of the army of Virginia just for the purpose of seeing how they totally depended on God. Prayer was not a mandated exercise in their life, but a very real part of their decision making. What a great challenge to leaders of today. In the third section of this pamphlet that Brother Harrison is producing, we see the Godly influence of colporteurs and how the ministry of sharing good gospel materials can be of such great benefit. This ministry, much like Brother Harrison's, has been used by God for centuries and this is illustrated to us by the colporteurs of the Civil war.

I highly recommend biographical materials such as this because I feel this ought to challenge each and every one of us to learn from great Christian heroes of yesteryear who exhibited in their lives to truly be more like the Master. Once again, I thank Brother Harrison for keeping in print great classics like this booklet which can be such a help to those who allow their lives o be challenged.

Chapters 1 & 2 - Influence of Christian Officers
Chapter 3 - Bible and Colportage Work



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