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The ABC's Of Christian Growth (CD-ROM)

$ 69.00

by: Robert J. Sargent

Proven doctrinal and practical lessons to help disciple new Christians and refresh older saints.

Suitable for personal study, one-on-one discipleship, group study, all-church series, family devotions, high school devotions, jail ministries, radio ministries -- you name it! It works!

Requires students to search the scriptures (AV1611) to find Bible answers.

Suitable for adults and youth.

Lessons are based on the letters of the alphabet, with two introductory lessons (making 28 lessons in all).

A - Assurance;
B - Bible;
C - Church;
D - Daily Walk;
E - Enemy (Satan);
F - Family;
G - God;
H - Holy Spirit;
I - Immersion;
J - Jesus Christ;
K - Kinship (Baptist heritage);
L - Lord's Supper;
M - Missions;
N - New Birth;
O - Obedience;
P - Prayer;
Q - Questions often Asked;
R - Return of Christ;
S - Separation;
T - Tithing & Stewardship;
U - Unity;
V - Victory;
W - Witnessing;
X - X-Rated for Baptists;
Y - Your Church;
Z - Zion.

THIRD EDITION: Revised 2004.

187 pages

The ABC's of Christian Growth on a CD-ROM in pdf format.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program).

Comes with qualified permission to make unlimited copies for the purchaser's ministry use.


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