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The Changing of the Garb - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from Beth Haven Baptist Church

The Changing of the Garb

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By Pastor Rick Carter

Putting off the Old Man and Putting on the New Man is not some mystical process that is reserved only for a select few, the tools to accomplish this transformation are given to each of us if we will apply them.  there is a great disconnect between the average Christian and the victory that God has promised us in His Word over sin.  Many people are stuck in the repentance cycle spending every day feeling as a failure in their Christian walk.  the repentance cycle is that process where we continue to fall into a besetting sin despite seeking God in repentance and confession.  Many have all but given up on trying to gain victory over the sins that they face and have been convinced that there is not hope for them.  This book will provide you practical and usable tools to end the repentance cycle in your life and give you the knowledge from God’s Word to live the victorious Christian life that you have longed for.


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