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The Revision Revised

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By John William Burgen

This present book, The Revision Revised, is another of Dean John William Burgon's masterpieces. It contains, as do all of his books, overwhelming evidence from manuscripts, lectionaries, ancient versions, and church fathers showing clearly three deficiencies: (1) the deficient Greek Text of Westcott and Hort; (2) the deficient English translation based upon it; and (3) the deficient theory underlying the Greek text. His arguments are powerful and convincing! The appendix of this edition shows conclusively that the false revised Greek text and theory of Westcott and Hort are virtually identical to the false revised Greek text and theory of Nestle-Aland and the United Bible Society. Therefore, The Revision Revised forms a strong basis for a refutation of the false Greek texts and theories rampant today which form the basis for the modern English versions.

In the way Dean Burgon repudiates the English Revised Version of 1881 and defends the Authorized King James Bible, this book will also form a strong basis for defending the King James Bible against the modern versions such as the NASV, NIV, RSV, NRSV, NEB, TEV, CEV, and the others.

You will want to order several copies of this book and distribute it widely! Order a copy for your pastor, your church library, your missionaries, you favorite schools, and your friends!

The text of this Burgon Reprint is based on a complete photographic reproduction of Burgon's 1883 Revision Revised. The reprint publisher has post-scripted Burgon's work with a thirty-five paged "Westcott and Hort's Greek Text and Theory Refuted: Summarized from Dean Burgon's Revision Revised" written by D. A. Waite, Th.D, Ph.D.

Hardback; 644 pages

ISBN 1888328010


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